Totally 80's Glitter

Totally 80's Glitter

You asked & we came through!  

Glitter to make your projects shimmer even more!

These are specifically made to match our Totally 80's set in Starbursts, Embossing Powder and Magicals and are now in perfect 1/4oz sizes, so there's not too much & still enough to play!

1/4oz jar  (the same jars as our magicals)

Bodacious Blush

Cowabunga Copper

Gag Me With A Spoon Gray

Pretty In Pink Pink

Midnight Rendezvous Raven

Our glitter comes from the Art Institue Gliter fine art glitter which remains unsurpassed in quality. See and feel the difference! Ultrafine, microfine, 

chunky and flake glitter are mainly cut from polyester films that are so thin you cannot see the dull side
of the cut. Some of the ultrafine opaque colors have a mix of metallic glitter in them also. All polyester
glitter is acid free and safe for wearing on skin