Neon Graffiti- FLAT SPRAY SET

Neon Graffiti- FLAT SPRAY SET
  • Lindy's Flat Fabio spray line showcases vibrant colors, but no shimmer
  • Lindy's Flat Fabio ink sprays are a high quality, acid-free, non-toxic concentrated colorant for porous surfaces; paper, canvas, wood, paper, clay & more
  • This 2oz fine mist, non-clogging sprayer bottle contains powdered ink (you fill with warm water to hydrate & use)
  • For painting, try our matching FLAT Magical Set  a set of pigmented powders are used for painting and colorizing any medium
  • Also available in a Mega Set  which is combination of sprays and embossing powder
  • Made in the USA

 Limor Webber has done it again!  She has created an amazingly bright, neon palette that boasts brilliant colors with a true flat black and true flat white!  These colors are a MUST for mixed media projects as they blend perfectly with each other, (no mud here!)!! This set includes:  Urban Amethyst, Sidewalk Chalk, Poppin' Pink, Luminous Lemon, Blazing Black