Merci Beaucoup Mint EP

$ 4.15 USD $ 3.53 USD

Limor Webber's Tres Chic set are soft pastel shades with a "chalky" undertone:

Merci Beaucoup Mint is a beautiful soft creamy mint green embossing powder has a pearlescent sheen as you move your project.

  • Lindy's embossing powder colors are two-toned; with a base color and a 2ndåÊshimmery color
  • Embossing powder is the perfect way to add new life to your paper craft and mixed media projects
  • Add it to wet ink; heat it and watch it create a whole new dimension (can be used on anything wet, not just ink)
  • Non-toxic and Acid Free
  • This can be found in our discounted set:åÊTRES CHIC,åÊwhich is available inåÊFlat FabioåÊSprays,åÊEmbossing Powders,åÊandåÊFlatåÊMagical Powders
  • For use with heat gun not included
  • Made in the USA
  • For 20 years, Lindy's has been the trusted manufacturer of artist quality mixed media, art and craft products
  • Do not ingest, inhale or get on skin. Keep away from children. Not for cosmetic use.

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