2018's Magical Shaker 10-pack

$ 45.00

We've bundled the whole kit-n-caboodle of 2018's magical shakers at a discounted price. If the color names sound familiar, they are! These are our most popular Starburst spray colors not available in Magical sets!

This includes:

Instead of matching embossing powders, we have some coordinating colors that should come pretty close to these shaker colors:

Afternoon Delight Denim lapis lazuli 
Alpine Ice Rose Hibiscus Rose Gold
Autumn Maple Crimson Terra Cotta Rust
California Poppy Gold Sunset Yellow Orange
Cathedral Pines Green Tannenbaum Green Gold
Cowabunga Copper cleopatra's copper 
Frozen Jack Frost Magic Moon Pearls
Grab A Guy Gold king midas gold 
Magnolia Magenta Gold aurora amethyst 
Time Travel Teal hyacinth blue green