Lizzy's Cuppa' Tea Teal Magical Shaker 2.0

$ 5.50

New Magical Shaker jars are in the house!!! We heard you yelling from the rooftops for more shakers and we had these new beauties made just for us!  Our new and improved shaker is going blow your socks off with an closable shaker/sifter insert so you can shake, sprinkle, sift, pepper, dapple, mix with mediums or just paint to your heart's content!

 Designed for use on everything from paper to wood, the dye-based powders are non-toxic and acid-free. Sprinkle them directly onto a porous surface and spray it with water for a vibrant stain, or customize your projects by adding them to any art medium (including resin, polymer clay, etc). Add a little for a softer version of the color and a lot for a deep, vibrant tinting.

  • 10g jar with shaker insert
  • Non-toxic, acid-free powdered dyes
  • Contains pearlized mica powders, powdered dye based pigments & a fixative
  • Made in the USA

The dynamic duo of Frau Pony & Nuneka Box are at it again!  The colors in our new Tea and Crumpets set are the perfect "missing colors" to the Lindy's magical rainbow and a nod to the Jane Austen to boot. Sold as a 12-pack or individually

Lizzy's Cuppa Tea Teal = turquoise base + green/gold shimmer