Lindy's Book

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This book was created, written, and designed by Lindy! As were most of the projects you will find within it‰ۡó»s cover! These projects were favorites of both Lindy and her many customers that would crowd around her as she demo-ed her fabulous products!

There is something I‰ۡó»d like to clear up, though so that you aren‰ۡó»t scratching your head in confusion as you jump into the pages!̴Ì_ In this book, you will find lots of references to ‰ۡÌÝ?Moon Glow‰ۡó? and ‰ۡÌÝ?Moon Glow products‰ۡó?.̴Ì_ This was the name mom used to categorize her colors, versus her stamps and other products.̴Ì_ I eliminated the Moon Glow name because it was adding confusion to our products instead of helping.̴Ì_ So, everything that is Moon Glow, whether it‰ۡó»s embossing powder, Starburst Sprays or Stains, and Moon Shadow Mists or Inks, they are all still exactly as they were when Lindy created them, they are just missing their first name, hee hee!

Hope that makes things easier as you enjoy this book!

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