OUR STORY (the abridged version):

Lindy's magical two-toned ink sprays, paints & embossing powders have been "wow-ing" mixed media art & craft lovers for over 20 years!

Lindy's Stamp Gang was created in 1996 by Lindy as a place to showcase her funny "animals with attitude" rubber stamps.  By the late 90's she was creating colorful products to complement her rubber stamps and VOILA!, her shimmer sprays were born!  The rest is history, as they say, but unfortunately, we lost Lindy to illness in 2008. Lindy's has continued with her daughter, Tracey, at the wheel, keeping Lindy's memory & creativity alive in her products.  PLEASE ENJOY OUR UNIQUE, ORIGINAL PRODUCTS BECAUSE THEY ALL CONTAIN A LITTLE OF LINDY'S INFECTIOUS LAUGHTER, SPUNK, SPARKLE & CREATIVITY!




Tracey Brown, owner

Limor Webber, artist, educator, all around Lindy's knowledge queen

Kate Palmer, design team coordinator & wrangler, Tracey's coordinator & kick in the rump girl, artist, cheerleader & one of Lindy's original fans

Kim, Wendy & Donna- jar fillers, production queens, chemists, trade show experts, and your #1 producers of all things Lindy's! (All products are made in house, in the US, & no machines create your Lindy goodness)

Our designers:  Check out our blog for our current team of exceptional artists!  We are blessed to boast that we have the best designers in the biz!




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