Hawaiian Islands Flat Magicals

$ 18.50 $ 15.75


  • Safe, non-toxic dye based powdered pigments that are Lindys' most versatile product
  • Each pot contains a combination of specialized powdered painting dye system and a fixative. (Note: dry product does not represent actual color, must be activated with liquid (not for cosmetic use))
  • So, use these beautiful powdered dye based pigments on fabric, paper, polymer clay, leather, wood, most porous surfaces and more
  • From watercoloring to colorizing any medium for mixed media heaven these magicals do it all
  • Magicals perfectly match Lindy's FLAT FABIOS SPRAYS
  • Made in the USA
  • For 20 years, Lindy's has been the trusted manufacturer of artist quality mixed media, art and craft products


The Hawaiian Island Flat Magical Set was designed by our former designer Bona Rivera-Tran includes:

  • Aloha Avocado- a beautiful summery green.
  • Magical Mai Tai- a beautiful soft orange.
  • Plumeria Pink- a beautiful soft pink.
  • Ocean Breeze Blue- a beautiful bluish turquoise.
  • South Shore Sand- a beautiful sandy taupe.

Do not ingest, inhale or get on skin. Keep away from children. Not for cosmetic use.

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