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  1. Raspberry Lemonade

    Raspberry Lemonade is a creamy pastel raspberry pink color. Lindy's Flat Fabio spray line showcases vibrant colors, (just the color) Lindy's Flat Fabio ink sprays are a high quality, acid-free, non-toxic concentrated dye based color for porous surfaces; paper, canvas,... View page: Raspberry Lemonade
  2. Raspberry Lemonade EP

    Part of Limor Webbers bright colored Under the Boardwalk set that all have a "chalky" undertone. Raspberry Lemonade is a beautiful creamy purple-y pink embossing powder has a pearlescent sheen as you move your project. Lindy’s embossing powder colors are... View page: Raspberry Lemonade EP
  3. Under the Boardwalk EP Set

    We have matched our gorgeous, unique, embossing powder to match our Flat Fabio sets. Yippee! The Under the Boardwalk Embossing Powder Set includes: Merry-Go-Round Green- a creamy pastel green color Orange Creamsicle- a creamy pastel orange color Pop Rock Purple... View page: Under the Boardwalk EP Set

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