Monet All Day flat Shaker 5-pack

$ 23.40 $ 27.50

It sounds like a broken record, but the dynamic duo of Frau Pony & Nuneka Box are at it yet again!  This time with a set of 15 FLAT colors!  We are calling the whole kit and caboodle the Painter's Palette, because these really are all the colors you'll need to paint and create like the Masters! 

 Designed for use on everything from paper to wood, the dye-based powders are non-toxic and acid-free. Sprinkle them directly onto a porous surface and spray it with water for a vibrant stain, or customize your projects by adding them to any art medium (including resin, polymer clay, etc). Add a little for a softer version of the color and a lot for a deep, vibrant tinting.

  • 10g jar with shaker insert
  • Non-toxic, acid-free powdered dyes
  • Contains powdered dye based pigments 
  • Made in the USA

MONET ALL DAY 5-PACK includes:

  • TAKE IT OR LEAF IT- a great forest green
  • WATERLILIES LAVENDAR- rich plum-y lavendar
  • NOT IN A VERMILLION YEARS- a burgundy crimson
  • HEAD IN THE CLAUDES- grayish cobalt blue
  • IMPRESSIONIST INK- the perfect black


PAINTER'S PALETTE is 15 colors split into 3 sets: Vinny's ViewMonet All Day, and Kissing Klimt.  You can buy them as 5-packs, or the entire Painter's Palette.