Prairie Wildflower 3-pack

$ 58.50 $ 65.00

One of Lindy's original sets that she created out of some of her favorite colors!  We've bundles these babies together to save you some of your hard earned cash! 

  • 5 2oz dye based sprays
  • 5 magical pigment powders
  • 5 coordinating embossing powders
  • Non-toxic, acid-free powdered ink (add warm water)
  • High-quality concentrated colorant for use on porous surfaces
  • Use on paper, canvas, wood, clay, and more
  • Made in the USA

The Prairie Wildflower spray and magical sets includes:

  • Bachelor Button Blue- a rich and vibrant blue with soft blue shimmer.
  • Bells of Ireland Green- a bright, vibrant green with soft green shimmer.
  • Mission Bells Brown- a rich brown with soft bronze shimmer.
  • Peony Scarlet Red- a pinky red color with pink shimmer.
  • Yellow Rose of Texas- a bright primary yellow with a rich gold shimmer.

    The coordinating embossing powder set set includes these colors:

    • Twilight Jade Slate~ is our unusual slate embossing powder that has a beautiful, luminous teal shimmer
    • Sunset Yellow Orange~ a deep luminous yellow embossing powder has a shimmer of orange
    • Venus Violet Blue~ is deep violet embossing powder has a beautiful blue sheen
    • Pumpkin Fiesta~ a reddish orange embossing powder has a beautiful shimmer of violet
    • Adobe Fire~a beautiful coppery brown with a greenish sheen