Painter's Palette

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HomeNEW & NEWSNEW: Painter's Palette Flat Magical Shakers
HomeNEW & NEWSNEW: Painter's Palette Flat Magical Shakers

It sounds like a broken record, but the dynamic duo of Frau Pony & Nuneka Box are at it yet again!  This time with a set of 15 FLAT colors!  We are calling the whole kit and caboodle the Painter's Palette, because these really are all the colors you'll need to paint and create like the Masters! 

You can purchase as a whole 15-pack set or in these 3 5-pack sets:

VINNY'S VIEW 5-PACK includes:

  • ROLL IN THE HAY- rich brownish golden yellow
  • PORTRAIT BLAZER BLUE- great tealish blue
  • CAFE TERRACE TANGERINE- soft coral-y orange
  • BRING THE HOUSE DOWN BROWN- a great reddish brown

MONET ALL DAY 5-PACK includes:

  • TAKE IT OR LEAF IT- a great forest green
  • WATERLILIES LAVENDAR- rich plum-y lavendar
  • KISSIN’ COUPLE CRIMSON - a burgundy crimson
  • HEAD IN THE CLAUDES- grayish cobalt blue
  • IMPRESSIONIST INK- the perfect black


  • NOT IN A VERMILLION YEARS- rich crimson
  • EVERY PICTURE TEALS A STORY- teal-y turquoise
  • GUSTAV'S GOLD LEAF- the perfect golden yellow
  • ALIVE AND KISSING COBALT- dark violet-y blue
  • DAS WERK WINE- reddish purple

We also have a great shimmer spray & shaker if you just can't stand not having a little glitz & glamor in your creations: Fairy Fluff Spray and Fairy Fluff Shaker