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The latest addition to the Lindy family with a funny name to boot!

 Lindy’s Squirts are a brand new concept in the arts and crafts community!  How about painting inks?  That’s what these babies deliver;  a little bit ink and a little bit paint all with amazing versatility!

Lindy’s Squirts are a permanent, (on porous surfaces) ink with a thicker consistency that lends themselves to some new amazing techniques. Right out of the gate, these beauties are made for your standard pouring and painting techniques.  Fill them with water, (wait at least 20 minutes or longer for full thickening), then pour or paint away.  Add them to your favorite pouring mediums for even more fun! Easily mix and tint acrylic art mediums, gels and gessoes without diluting them. Squirts can be used on almost all surfaces to create unique effects!